What We Offer

Our primary business involves exporting horses around the world, most often from New Zealand and Australia. We also provide:


  • Racehorse selection & sales
  • Valuations
  • A suitable selection of stallions, broodmares, yearlings, foals and racehorses
  • Horse transportation
  • Semen transport
  • Stallion shuttle negotiations


The Purchase Process

Upon the purchase of a horse, several procedures must be followed in order to transport the horse to the United States of America or Canada. On behalf of the purchaser, the procedure listed below will be completed as part of the services provided by JC International.


Phase 1: Preparation

  1. An inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries of the horse on the farm of origin.
  2. An inspection by the appropriate harness racing authority.
  3. Transportation of the horse from the farm of origin to the holding stables at the quarantine area based at the airport.
  4. A registered veterinarian takes blood samples for blood typing.
  5. A second inspection of the horse by relevant harness racing authorities while at the quarantine area.
  6. All applicable airport taxes are paid.
  7. Export clearances are obtained from the relevant authorities.

Phase 2: Departure

  1. Building disposable containers for the freight of the horse to the destination as required by the airline.
  2. The horse must accompanied by a groom and the groom’s costs and airfares must be paid.
  3. Ensure that on flight equipment and supplies are provided including food, water, and any necessary drugs.
  4. Customs clearance obtained from the country of departure.
  5. Clearances obtained from the Department of Agriculture.
  6. Once the above is satisfactory, the horse is transported to the country of destination.

Phase 3: Arrival

  1. Road freight from the holding stables at the airport to another quarantine area.
  2. The horse remains in quarantine for three days at the country of destination on arrival.
  3. Department of Agriculture and customs clearance in USA or Canada on arrival.
  4. Payment of remaining airport charges and taxes.
  5. Road freight from the quarantine area to the final destination.
  6. Follow up contact (phone calls, emails, etc) and monitoring of the horse until its arrival at the destination.

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